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pseudobikuspid aortic valve

added by Emmel

pseudobikuspid aortic valve
Posted By: ohtusabes (1332 days ago)

Tricuspid in my view. It could simulate a raphe of a bicuspid valve,
but the 3 valves are evident, with some fusion and calcification (and
Arancio nodules)in non-coronarian and right coronarian cusp.

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Added: 14-11-2014
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about 40 y old patient without clinical affliction but a new haert murmur. In TTE I saw a middle-grade aortic stenosis with conspicuous aortic valve. In TEE you can see a distict calcification of commissure between non- and right-coronary cup of aortic valve. In my opinion it is a pseudobicuspid aortic valve and not a type 1 bicuspid aortic valve (based on the classification of sievert) with calcificated raphe of aortic valve. Any opinion?

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