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multiple muscular bands with congestive heart failure

added by magehana47

multiple muscular bands with congestive heart failure
Posted By: magehana47 (1578 days ago)

By the way,there is no neuromuscular clinical signs or other
extracardiac clinical abnormalities.

Posted By: magehana47 (1578 days ago)

thank u Jorg,
unfortunately,the patient denied to undergo any
other investigation(for economical reasons at this time,may be in the
near futur?)she is going a little better under medical therapy.But I
still do not have a final diagnosis.

Posted By: Emmel (1579 days ago)

very interesting case!
In my opinion - I´ve to confess, that I
have almost no experiences in NCCM - I would tend to think it is a
NCCM, because of clinical afflictions and decrease of ejection
fraction of LV. Whether it would make sense to do a genetic analysis
(Xq28, Terafazin-gen?) I don´t know. Are there any neurological/
neuro-muscular clinical signs? I seem to remember that there is a
coincidence of myocardial insufficiency and neurological afflictions,
isn´t it?
The A4C-view is very impressive!
What is your
favourite explanation of this case?
Maybe the NCCM is much more
represented in population than we think about it?
Thanks a lot
for sharing that vid,

Best wishes,


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In a 20 years old woman with dyspnea on exertion(NYHA II),the echo shows multiple muscular bands with EF=38% (Teich)-45% (Simpson),with dyssynchrony.

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