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Two distolic flows in Pulmonay Artery

added by sdraza1

Two distolic flows in Pulmonay Artery
Posted By: whiteshark (1707 days ago)

fistula coronary pulmonary

Posted By: sdraza1 (1755 days ago)

Truncus pulmonalis is Pulm. artery? right? Perhaps you mean that
there is a normal diastolic flow reversal in Pulm. artery which is
represented by lower red flow (or distal flow in Pulm. art. while the
other flow is of Pulm. Regurg. thanks

Posted By: Emmel (1792 days ago)

Hallo Syed,

excuse my late answer. In my opinion in this
case it is a normal finding of the truncus pulmonalis. You can see a
small early diastolic reflow in the truncus and not in the whole
diastole like the holodiastolic regurgitation of pulmonary valve. Do
you have any pulse-wave-measurements, whether there is a "real" flow.
Be careful with colour-flow, sometimes the colour-flow signs over and
shows us pathological findings, where no one is.
But maybe I´m
wrong. Do the community have any other suggestions/ solutions?/>Thanks a lot for that interesting medical riddle/ puzzle!
/>Best wishes and greetings,


Posted By: sdraza1 (1794 days ago)

Cardiologist didn't comment anything in the report, he just ignored
it. Could it be something insignificant/benign?

Posted By: ohtusabes (1803 days ago)

ductus arteriosus?

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There are two flows in PA, upper one is of Pulm. regurg. what is the other flow.

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