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Cor pulmonale chronicum

added by Emmel

Cor pulmonale chronicum
Posted By: Emmel (1927 days ago)

Hello Pablo!
Thanks for comment! I hope you´re fine!
was a very interesting case, because that patient was admitted to our
hospital by a cardiologist doctor´s office to do a TEE to quantify
the mitral valve insufficiency whether there is a mitral valve surgery
needed!??? Why the colleagues thought that there is a high grade
mitral insufficiency I don´t know. Maybe the right-to-left-shunt via
PFO suggested in TTE a distinct mitral valve insufficiency.
/>Best wishes,


Posted By: ohtusabes (1932 days ago)

Great clips Jörg and very well patient description! Congratulations!

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Added: 28-04-2013
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About 70 y old patient with chronic dyspnoea, permanent atrial fibrillation (CHADS-Vasc-Scor 5), actually deterioration of clinical afflictions. A COPD is kown (stage III GOLD) In TTE and TEE we ccould see a distinct RV-hypertrophy with systolic and diastolic septal bounce (D-sign) as a sign for RV-volume overload and RV-pressure overload (PAPsystolic about 70 mmHg + CVP). In LAA you can see a distinct echocantrast (thrombus?). An another interesting finding is a PFO with right-to-left-shunt.

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