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cardiogenic shock caused by STEMI

added by Emmel

cardiogenic shock caused by STEMI
Posted By: ohtusabes (1975 days ago)

Great clip Jörg. Looks like a false chordae more than a ruptured
tendinous chordae...it is far away from papillary muscle. Really bad

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Added: 17-03-2013
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about 75 y old patient with dyspnoea and nausea 4 days ago, no chest pain; cardiovascular risk factors: arterial hypertension, diabetes mellitus type 2, hyperlipoproteinaemia. In ECG we could see distinct ST-elevation in I, aVL, V2-V6 as a picture for an anterolaterale infarction, the index-event is 4 days ago; in TTE I could see a dinstinct impairment of myocardial function with anteroapicale, lateral, septale and post./inf. akinesia; best-contraction in basal-septal, basal-lateral and basal-inf./post. segment. NO dynamic obstruction of LVOT caused by hyperdynamic basal segments (very important to see it!!! in that case NO catecholamines, volume and cardioselective beta-blockers, for example esmolol will remedy the situation). In LV-cavum you can see a ruptured tendon of mitral valve without severe mitral valve insufficiency.

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