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ischemic cardiomyopathy

added by Emmel

ischemic cardiomyopathy
Posted By: Emmel (1965 days ago)

Hello Pablo!

Very good idea with the treatment of mitral
valve insufficiency. Recently we have some good results with mitral
valve clipping to improve the clinical afflictions (I posted two vids:
before and after clipping).
Maybe that patients could have a
benefit of that treatment.
Best wishes and thanks a lot for that

Posted By: ohtusabes (1968 days ago)

Big left filling pressure! Some treatment to mitral valve is posible?

Posted By: Emmel (1968 days ago)

Hello Pablo!
You are right, there is - in my opinion - a right
heart dysfunction. Approach to PAPdiastol. and PAPmean measured by
pulmonary insufficiency is: PAPd about 18 mmHg + CVP, PAPmean about 45
mmHg + CVP.
I think, that we have reach the end of cardiac
disease, maybe.
Best wishes,

Posted By: ohtusabes (1970 days ago)

Amazing clip. Nice pulmonary regurgitation jet! Do you measure
diastolic pulmonary artery pressure with it? RV have systolic function
problems too?

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about 65 y old patient with dyspnoe; a coronary disease is known, condition after surgical myocardial revascularisation in the 80´s. In TTE you can see a distinct decrease of myocardial funktion with septo-apical akinesia. In cardia catheter there is no chance for improve the coronary state. optimal medical therapy is established. We will implantate an AICD, no LBBB, so no indication for CRT-D to improve the clinical afflictions. Do you have some experiences with cardiac contractility modulation? Do you think that patient could have any benefit with this therapeutical option?

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