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Posted By: ohtusabes (1997 days ago)

Hello Jörg. Thank you for your comments.

She had an
uterine bleeding, precisely a myometrial hematoma, so she went to
hysterectomy and finally, she fully recovered...

approach is simple and physiologically good, but...partially value for
practice (IVC collapse and fluid responsive and no more...)
/>I think, like intensivist, you must put all the information in
balance: clinical, laboratory and echo...and finally made, with a
multimodal approach, a reasonably diagnosis.

Good luck in
catheter lab...sure will be a very teaching experience for you. />
Anyway, we stay in contact

Posted By: Emmel (1997 days ago)

Hello Pablo!
Very teaching clip! Pericardial effusion but the
underlaying problem is hypovolaemia.
What is the reason for shock
in this case? bleeding? You told in that clip about a hysterectomy./>By the way:
thank you very very much for the articles. I will
read them very carefully. I´ve to confess I´ve never heard about
Guyton-approach, the abstract sounds very interesting (I only know the
Steward-approach in ICU-settings for bedside interpretation of
These articles will help to impropve my
skills in intensive care medicine, because actually I´ve been in the
cardiac catheter-lab for my education for 6 month. Unfortunately no

Very good job! I´m looking foward your next vid!/>
Best wishes,

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Hello friends. Young girl in immediate postpartum period (normal delivery) in cold shock. Look the small and \"pseudo\" collapsed cardiac chambers and pericardial effusion, that, in pseuco A4C appears moderate...but...IVC is very small... Note what happens when fluid status became normal...chambers filled and pericardial effusion is minimal.

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