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fixed calcified mitral valve prolaps

added by Emmel

fixed calcified mitral valve prolaps
Posted By: Emmel (2009 days ago)

Hello Pablo,

thanks for comment. I agree with you: I think
that there is a degenerative reason for that mitral valve prolaps,
because of that calcification of mitral valve annulus
But I´ve
to confess, that I don´t really know, what I ´ve seen in that
examination. In my opinion that isn´t easy to classifiy this kind of
valve disease.

Best, Jörg.

Posted By: ohtusabes (2010 days ago)

Great clip Jörg.

I don´t do TEE and I really don´t know
if really is flail leaflet or only prolapse. I think the MV don´t
look myxomatous and no regional wall motion abnormalities so and maybe
MV prolapse is degenerative in origin and asymetric...


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about 80 y old patient with distinct dyspnoea, recurrend lung oedema and tachykardia. In TTE we found a calcification of posterior cup of mitral valve with severe mitral valve insufficiency. In TEE we could demonstrate a mitral valve prolaps of posterior cup: it seems that there is a \"fixed\" prolaps of posterior cup caused by calcification. The apex of posterior cup shows the picture of flail leaflet. The mitral valve insufficiency is high grade with distinct regurgitation in the pulmonary veins. What do you think? Is this a typical picture of mitral valve prolaps?

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