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mitral valve insufficiency post-clipping

added by Emmel

mitral valve insufficiency post-clipping
Posted By: Emmel (2016 days ago)

Hello Pablo!
Thank you for comment! You are absolutely right:
that patient has a really bad prognosis. For that reason we decided to
clip the mitral valve to improve the clinical afflictions of that
patient (dyspnoea) knowing that won´t improve the cardial underlaying
disease (DCM). Tha patient has every conceivable specific therapy
(CRT-D, ACE-inhibitor, beta-Blocker, eplerenone, diuretics etc.); one
idea could be the cardiac-contractility-modulation (CCM), but I don´t
know enough about this topic > OPTIMIZER III a useful idea??
you are right, despite of CRT-D, there is still a asynchrone

Best wishes,


Posted By: ohtusabes (2018 days ago)

Great clip. Dilated and really bad LV systolic function and
asyncronous contraction...Bad prognosis anyway?


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Added: 30-12-2012
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severe mitral valve insufficiency post mitral-valve-clipping. You can see the clip of mitral valve with small insufficiency. The clinical afflictions improved immediately despite of the echocardiographic picture of distinct cardial decompensation (pleural effusion, interstitial syndrom of the lung etc.).

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