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massive mitral valve insufficiency with giant left atrium

added by Emmel

massive mitral valve insufficiency with giant left atrium
Posted By: ohtusabes (2269 days ago)

Really amazing clips.

It seems like two jets of mitral
regurgitation and LA is really large! Like is displayed in rythm AF is


I suppose the cardiac
surgeons will replace the valve?

Thanks for share it.

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Added: 28-05-2012
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about 70 y old patient with condition after mitral valve reconstruction and implantation of capentier-ring (30 mm). Actually the patient was admitted to our hospital with prolonged dyspnoea. in TTE I found a giant atrium caused by a distinct mitral walve insufficiency (radius aof PISA about 1,1 cm, regurgitationflow Q about 450 ml/s, vena contracta about 0,8-0,9 cm, regurgitation in pulmonary veins) and a mild to severe mitral valve stenosis (PGmean about 15-18 mmHg!!!!).

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