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acute coronary syndrom

added by Emmel

acute coronary syndrom
Posted By: Emmel (2279 days ago)

Hello Pablo!

In fact, in literature it is described that
strain-rate-analysis is more sensitive to myocardial movement disorder
than normal echocardiography. But I´m not sure whether I do that
measurement in the bright way.
It could be that there is a
hypokinesia in inferior wall segment, but I´m not sure: that
bidimensional echocardiographic picture is not a clear view with low
quality (sorry).
In my daily work I try to use that strain rate
analysis to train that kind of myocardial study.

Posted By: ohtusabes (2282 days ago)

Hello Jörg. Very good case and clips.

It seems that strain
rate is more sensitive for detection of myocardial ischemia/infarction
than bidimensional echo.?

Anyway...in bidimensional A2C
view hypokinesia of basal segments of inferior wall looks present?/>

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Added: 20-05-2012
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about 75 y old patient with typical chest-pain with irradiation of left shoulder, dyspnoea; high-risk-patient (diabetes mellitus type 2, arterial hypertension, hyperlipoproteinaemia). In ECG I found no specific signs for myocardial ischaemia; in TTE no myocardial movement disorder. Using strain-rate-analysis we found a posterior/inf. and small anteroseptal movement disorder. high-sensitive Troponin was positive. In cardiac catheter we found a two vessel-desease (RCA, LAD) with leading high-grade stenosis of RCA.

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