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Type A aortic dissection with bad image on TTE 1

added by magehana47

Type A aortic dissection with bad image on TTE 1
Posted By: ohtusabes (2268 days ago)

Great clip.

Amazing flap!


Posted By: magehana47 (2268 days ago)

thank you my friend.

Posted By: Emmel (2268 days ago)

Impressive vid by TEE!!!
Very nice snapshot of that dissection
That shows how important is TEE in the suspicion of
aortic dissection.

Thank you very, very much for sharing
these nice pictures of aortic dissection with us!!!

You are
always a garantor for impressive and teaching echocardiographic vids!

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Added: 29-04-2012
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when we suspect aortic dissection we have to do a quick transthoracic echo.even when we have bad images on tte,we always get some signs (dilatation of the aorta,suspicion of tear..)which allow to continue explorations:TEE,ct scan..to make the diagnosis.

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