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LVOTO caused by downwards tilted mitral-valve bioprosthesis Part 2

added by Emmel

LVOTO caused by downwards tilted mitral-valve bioprosthesis Part 2
Posted By: bacman (2227 days ago)


perhaps a TTE A5C view could have been the only way of
correct LVOT gardient measurement in this case... of course with a
presumption of an aortic valvular gradient lower than that of LVOT



Posted By: Emmel (2280 days ago)

Hello my freind!

That TEE-study was a hard challenge for
me. I couldn´t measure the LVOT-gradient exactely in the deep
transgastric view: I measured a PG mean of 45 mmHg and you´re right,
that the real PGmean is much higher with certainty. In continuous
wave-mode I couldn´t separate exactely the gradient of aortic
valve-prothesis and the LVOT, but we had a echocardiographic result
before admission of january this year and that result told us, that
there was only a PG-max. of 45 mmHg: now PG mean of 45!!
I found
it very hard to measure LVOT in TEE in a right way.


Posted By: ohtusabes (2280 days ago)

Of course Jörg...is very interesting case and clips are great./>
How much gradient in LVOT? it must be bigger...

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Added: 21-04-2012
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...Part 2 of that- in my opinion - very interesting case. We send that patient to cardia surgery with documetated current increased LVOTO-gradient.

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