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Another HOCM

added by Emmel

Another HOCM
Posted By: Emmel (2307 days ago)

Hello Pablo!
IN my vid "another HOCM Part 2" one can see a SAM
and mesosystolic closure of aortic valve at rest. That shows us that
that HOCM has a haemodynamic relevanse. We sent that patient to a
german centre for HOCM for alcohol ablation.

Posted By: ohtusabes (2308 days ago)

Amazing IVS!alcohol ablation?

Left atrial is enlarged? />
SAM phenomena is present?


Posted By: Emmel (2308 days ago)

Unfortunately I couldnĀ“t convert my pictures of SAM and
midsystolic closure of aortic valve caused by LVOTO in a clip. That
would be very teaching. I will try it again and if convertion is
successfull I will post it later.

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Added: 19-04-2012
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Abozt 70 y old patient with suspicioon of sinu-atriale bradycardia and dyspnoea. In TTE we found a distinct lv-hypertrophy with LVOTO (PGmax. 110 mmHg) at rest!! and a consecutive high grade mitral valve insufficiency.

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