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added by Emmel

Posted By: ohtusabes (2282 days ago)

I agree with you Jörg and, of course, spam appear on more commented
posts. Admin must fix it!

Posted By: Emmel (2283 days ago)

Oh my! Is there really a need of spam and things like that on this
I think that is a disturbance of all!!
please no more spam! So thank you for understanding!

Posted By: Emmel (2292 days ago)

Hello Pablo!

You´re right, the underlaying disease is
arterial hypertension, but there is still a LV-wall -disturbance
(coronary disease? DCM?)
I find this picture before and after
electrical cardioversion so very impressive; I´ve never seen such a
case before.

Best wishes


Posted By: ohtusabes (2293 days ago)

Very good case Jörg.

LV looks dilated anyway? what was the
trigger of arrythmia? arterial hypertension?

Best my

Posted By: magehana47 (2293 days ago)

nice case.

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Added: 09-03-2012
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About 50 y old patient with atrial fibrillation (HR about 150-170/min); the patient told clinical afflictions in the course of time of 3 weeks. In TTE we found a distinct LV-motion disorder and decrease of LV-EF. After exclusion of thrombus in LAA by TEE we did the elektrical cardioversion. After 1 week we saw a distinct improvement of LV-function.

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