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Massive RV and RA dilation

added by drdavemd

Massive RV and RA dilation
Posted By: zhiva (2272 days ago)

hello everybody
i think we should consider congenital anomalies
like PAPVC

Posted By: ohtusabes (2361 days ago)

Hi everybody. My name is Pablo, Critical care physician from
Argentina. At first look, except for moderator band that seems appear
in RV... looks like the transducer are inverted and right structures
in reality are left.
If not, The IVS is paradoxical.
So, if
this are right structures, a significant tricuspid regurgitation
(annulus dilatation) must be present and sPAP (in sum with IVC
measurement) can be estimated.
I think pressure and volume
overload of RV is present and we must look if a interventricular
and/or interauricular communication appear.(volume overload)
not, like Diego says, the clinical history is very important thinking
in a lot of causes of PH.

Posted By: diego (2369 days ago)

Could you please provide any additional infos about clinical history
and in case Pulmonary pressures?
Thanks for sharing tho'

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In this apical TTE clip, the right ventricle and atrium (seen on the left side of the image) are massively enlarged.

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