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added by drdavemd

Posted By: drdavemd (3253 days ago)

acute accumulation of as little as 50cc can result in hemodynamic
tamponade, which is a clinical diagnosis. The echocardiographic
findings can only help you decide how aggressive to treat a given
patient (IVF versus paricerdiocentesis if there is a safe approach)

Posted By: menichini (3266 days ago)

Tamponade = diastolic atrial collapse (this video). You may also see
sistólic RV collapse but it´s in the diastolic cicle when you
diagnose tamponade. This could be hemodinamically significant
(=paradox pulsus) but easily reversible with saline expantion.

Posted By: echowoman (3274 days ago)

There appears to be RV/RA diastolic collapse, although when I try to
pause the video during the clip the "play arrow" is directly over the
RV/RA, agree this is has the likley potential to be hemodynamically
considered Tamponade.

Posted By: Tania (3279 days ago)

I thought the heart still had to be surrounded in fluid to be called
tamponade? I guess another indication would be weather or not the
patient appeared to be in distress. I've been scanning a year and
still learning. :0)

Posted By: chava56 (3281 days ago)

Yes I think its a tamponade and the amonunt of the effusion is not
necesary be large

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In this clip, we can see the right atrium collapsing, but is it indicative of tamponade? When does it seem to occur during the cardiac cycle? Does the amount of effusion affect your assessment?

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