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Pericardial effusion with fibrous strands

added by EHaumann

Pericardial effusion with fibrous strands
Posted By: EHaumann (2352 days ago)

Unfortunately I do not know the amount of fluid they got from the
pericardiocyntesis, however after the tap the patient developed a
constrictive pericarditis (2 weeks ~ ??due to the fibrin remaining in
the pericardium?) and had to udergo a pericardectomy. I think he is
due for a follow up echo soon.

@magehana47 quite
interesting with the info on S.Lupus erythematosus. Thank you.

Posted By: magehana47 (2352 days ago)

Nice case.we have seen such pericardial effusion with fibrinous
strands also in cases of S. LUPUS erythematosus.

Posted By: diego (2353 days ago)

AWESOME thanks alot for sending . Neva seen before such a case ./>Did you get an evaluation of the amount of fluid within pericardial
space? at a glance it does seem mopre than 25 mm in its maximum

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Added: 12-12-2011
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pericardial effusion with clear fibrin strands - Typical of TB pericardial effusion(59-46% cases in Sub-Saharan Africa). Patient was asymptomatic i.e no respiratory distress, chest pain etc. RA diastolic collapse noted, however No significant respiratory variation could be detected in MV/TV flows. Spontaneous echo contrast was noted in A4CH views.

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