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Do you know what prosthesis it is?

added by Emmel

Do you know what prosthesis it is?
Posted By: lsnguyen7 (2443 days ago)

i'm assuming it's a tilting disk based on the clip at 16 sec mark? not
for sure though

Posted By: Emmel (2448 days ago)

This valve-prosthesis is actually a great mystery for me! Nothing
(mean pressure gradient, Vmax and things like that) applies to any
prosthesis in the cataloques of producers of valve-prostheses.

Posted By: diego (2448 days ago)

Can't help you :( as you know I have no experience at all in such a

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Added: 01-12-2011
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about 80 y old patient, condition after heart surgery with aortic valve replacement (in the early 80´s) and implantation of DDD-pacemaker in context of intermittent sinu-atriale blockade, long AV-Block 1° (above 300 msec) and chronotropic incompetence. In TEE we could see the aortic valve prosthesis, but what kind of prosthesis it is? It looks like a tilting-disk-valve like medtronic-hall or bjork-shiley-valve (but this would be very unlikely). Unfortunately I couldn´t see the pivot struts and I couldn´t better focalize the regurgitation-flow. It exists no documents about this aortic prosthesis (in cw: mean pressure gradient is about 20 mmHg, Vmax about 2,4 m/s). What does the community think about? Please comment!

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