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Is it a midventriculare Tako-Tsubo?

added by Emmel

Is it a midventriculare Tako-Tsubo?
Posted By: Emmel (2441 days ago)

I think, this case was very interesting, because of deterioration of
myocardial movenment disorder each hour! There was at each time
another echocardiographic picture if I´ve done an echocardiographic

Posted By: diego (2442 days ago)

wow neva seen such a remodelled LV before
Thanks for sharing JORG

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Added: 07-11-2011
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about 70 y old patient with high-malignant lymphoma, condition after multiple chemotherapy. Actually the patient was admitted to our ICU with the clinical picture of septic shock; first we found in TEE and TTE the echocardiographic picture of hyperdynamic myocardial movement. Among current therapy of septic shock with norepinephrin, pitressin we could see another echocardiographic picture of the patients heart. It looks like a midventriculare Tako-Tsubo caused by high dosed catecholamines. What do you think?

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