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septic shock with hypodynamic left ventricle

added by Emmel

septic shock with hypodynamic left ventricle
Posted By: Emmel (2400 days ago)

Yes, it´s right. She was in a oncological treatment for 3 months und
got several cycles of high dose of anthracyclines. Unfortunately it
exists NO echocardiographic document during chemotherapy before she
was admitted to our ICU. So I actually don´t know what is the reason
for this hypodynamic left ventricle: mycotic sepsis and/ or
anthracyclines. Probably both. You´re right, I also think, that
there´s a anterolateral myocardial movemnet disorder. Unfortunately I
got no better clips in mid-esophageal position to verify this.

Posted By: diego (2401 days ago)

Nice vid Jorg , yea It's really a hypokinetic ventricle . Getting a
closer look to SAX It does seem affecting mainly the anterolateral
portion of LV .Did that lady take anthraciciles?

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Added: 16-10-2011
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about 40 y old patient with B-ALL, condition after chemotherapy; now the patient had a mycotic septic shock caused by candida albicans. Probably infection caused by infected port-catheter in sup. vena cava.

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