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Adult with congenital heart defect (Part 1 of 2)

added by Emmel

Adult with congenital heart defect (Part 1 of 2)
Posted By: Emmel (2436 days ago)

Thanks a lot for comment!
You´re absolutely right! This patient
has a trisomy 21. But we weren´t under the impression that there is a
AVSD after TEE. In TEE we couldn´t detect a splitting of the anterior
(superior) bridging leaflet and we found no attachment of the anterior
leaflet to the ventricular septum by chordae tendineae. Overall we had
no indications for AVSD. But you´re right, in that vid it looks like

Posted By: EHaumann (2441 days ago)

Could these images be from a Down's syndrome patient?

appears to be a left-dominent Rastelli type A looking at the implant
of the bridging leaflet(appears to be attached to chordae implanted on
the LV side of the Septum).

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Added: 16-10-2011
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about 50 y old patient with septic shock. A genetic defect is known. There exists no documents of clinical history. In Part 1 you can see the transthoracal echocardiography: we could see an ASD, a VSD. There is no sign of AV-canal or a stenosis of the pulmonary valve. Furthermore we see a distinct hypertrophy of the right cavum (about 14-15 mm; by comparison with the left ventricular: 12-13 mm).

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