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Massive Biatrial enlargement

added by drdavemd

Massive Biatrial enlargement
Posted By: talbtr (3069 days ago)

I just received a diagnosis of severe bi-atrial englargment. I am 83
years old and in excellent health. What are the longevity implications
with respect to this enlargment. --Chris

Posted By: menichini (3355 days ago)

Think the same. Very old atrio-atrial trasplant. Nowadays: bicavo.
This video may applay for students purpose not professional ones.

Posted By: echowoman (3364 days ago)

Could this be a transplant pt. with donor and native atria? Suture
line appears bright between two.

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Added: 26-03-2009
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This patient suffers from massive biatrial enlargement, over 5 cm each!

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