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cardiac arrest in septic shock

added by Emmel

cardiac arrest in septic shock
Posted By: Emmel (2486 days ago)

I´m looking forward your vids, diego!

This case was
troublesome for me because I thought that I´ve remedy the situation
but finally there was no chance to save the patient notwithstanding
inotropic support, vasorpressor (norepinephrin, pitressin).

Posted By: diego (2487 days ago)

I like a lot this snapshots of a failing heart - Also I am used to
take echoes of end of life beating hearts ( in upcoming days I will
post them all )
thanks J

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Added: 29-09-2011
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80 y old patient with septic shock and cardiac arrest. The subxiphoid echocardiography showed a picture compatible with a septic cardiomyopathy. After 6 min CPR there was a return of a spontaneous circulation. Unfortunately the patient died after 6 h he was admitted to our ICU.

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