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Mitral flow double jet

added by sdraza1

Mitral flow double jet
Posted By: sdraza1 (930 days ago)

I would very timidly suggest that give the diagnosis only if u are
absolutely sure about it, if u are a novice, don't comment as I
myself not sure of the diagnosis. Just guessing will cause more
confusion. thanks.

Posted By: yusufbhambhani (1848 days ago)

Leaflet perforation??

Posted By: langsamerbitte (1882 days ago)

can be double orifice after alfieri procedure for repair of MR, or
congenital double-orifice mitral

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Added: 18-11-2010
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There seem to be 2 jets of mitral antegrade flow. Is it a normal finding or what is it?

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