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Unknown left atrial/mitral valve object

added by drdavemd

Unknown left atrial/mitral valve object
Posted By: langsamerbitte (2749 days ago)

could be a calcified fibroelastoma, or a mirror image of that large
calcification involving MPL and annulus

Posted By: Shaun_Davis (2816 days ago)

? elastofibroma

Posted By: magehana47 (3117 days ago)

dont forget the possibility of a small tumor or non bactarial

Posted By: JT (3174 days ago)

No, It could be an old veg. That's my thought given the information of
the patient showing no signs or symptoms. Negitive blood test?

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Added: 23-03-2009
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If you look carefully at the posterior leaflet of the mitral valve, on the atrial side, you will see a small vegetation. The patient has no signs or symptoms of infection, does this represent endocarditis?

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