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MVD: MV leaflets are moderately thickened with diastolic dooming of
the anterior mitral valve leaflet. Mild calcification. Mild
sub-valvular thickening, along with sever posterior eccentric MR, and
markedly dilated LA. MVA ~15 cm². Peak diastolic gradient ~30mmHg.
Mean gradient is ~10 mmHg.
AVD: Mildly thickened and calcific
trileaflet aortic valve. Estimated peak systolic gradient is 15 mmHg.
Mild AR.
Normal other cardiac valves morphology and flow apart
from moderate TR.
Normal LV internal dimensions. Good systolic
function. EF ~ 63%.
RV is normal in dimension and function. RVSP
is~ 45mmHg.
Normal pericardium.
Intact IVS. IAS is intact
and bowing to the right atrium.
No echogenic intra-cardiac
masses by TTE.

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A Case of RHD and AF.

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