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Rhd Mitral Aortic Regurgitation Valve Myopericarditis TEE Infectes Thrombus SVC Right Atrium Pseudobicuspid Prolaps Insufficiency Endocarditis Aortic-valve Haemodynamic PFO-occluder Dislocation Aneurysm Sinus Valsalva Aorta Shunt Hernia Hiatal Mass Left Patent Ductus Arteriosus Pda Congenital Cor Triatriatum Membrane Ventricle Fistula Echocardiogram Echocardiography Noncompaction Trabeculation Chf Abscess Prosthesis ER Parachute Tricuspid Aberrant Papillary Muscle Bio-mitral Leckage Bioprosthesis Double-valve-replacement Sepsis TTE Myocardial Ischemia VSD PFO Occluder RA RV-dilatation Insuffiziency Hypertrophy Echotexture LV Condition After Infarction Myxoma Obstruction Lipomatous IAS 3D Reconstruction Structure Between LA And Aorta HCM Two Distolic Flows In Pulmonay Artery ICU Obstructon Interatrial A Patient 95 Years Old Regurg A Pediatric Echo Pericardial Effusion Pulmonale RV-overload Pulmonary Hypertension Cardiogenic Shock Ruptured Tendon Of Lung Oedema STEMI Atrial Flutter Tachy-CM Cardial Decompensation LBBB Coronary Disease McConnel Embolism RVHD Severe AR +AS + MS Stenosis Cardioembolic Arterial Occlusion Tumor Hypovolemia, Pericardial Rv Pressure Overload Malignant Pleural Fibroelastoma Cup Chord Abnormal Turner Syndrom DCM Clipping LAA Endokarditis Prothesis Septic Speckle Tracking Cardiomyopathy Heart Failure Prolapse VSD,VEGETATIN Pfo Foramen Ovale Septal Thrombi Interatrial Septum Vegetation Chiari Network Tiger Old,recurrent Cva Same Pt Rare Snake Bite Endocardial Damage Annular Calcification Mediastinal Mital Giant Subaortic Fibrillation Pacemaker CPU Strain-rate-analysis Movement Disorder Mitral-valve Carpentier-ring Mechanical Paravalvular Dissection Cardiology Board Review
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Mitral Stenosis Rheumatic TTE PE Embolus Right Ventricular Dysfunction Aortic Congenital Valve Transthoracic Atrial Fibrillation Parasternal Long Axis Calcification Sclerosis Apicalthrombus Apical Bubble Study Positive Echocardiography,pisa,mitral Regurgitation Muscular Septal Defect Shunt Echocardiography Inferior Wall Motion Akinesis Moderate Valsalva Normal TEE Vegetation Prosthesis Mechanical Short RV Pressure Overload Coarctation Aorta Isthmus ICU Septic Shock Hyperdynamic Midventrcular Gradient Infundibula Supracistal Vsd Tiger Heart Noncompaction Left Ventricle Prolapse Tamponade Effusion Crista Terminalis Mass AI MR Asd Chiari Network Bioprosthesis Leaflet Ruptur Dissection ER Mital Insufficiency Giant Atrium Aneurysm Ischemic Subaortic Membrane Dilated Patent Ductus Arteriosus Echocardiogram Pda Suprasternal Arch Great Vessels Cardiogenic Ruptured Tendon Of Lung Oedema STEMI Fibroelastoma Tumor Atheroma Mobile Smoke Spontaneous Contrast Replacement Marfan Septum Hypertrophy LBBB Tte RVP Post-op Transposition Arteries Assessment Movement Flail Chordal Rupture Thrombus Mitral-valve Reconstruction Carpentier-ring RA RV-dilatation Tricuspid Insuffiziency Bicuspid Cardial Decompensation DCM Endocarditis Cusp Papillary Pacemaker Tako-Tsubo Cardiomyopathy Thrombi Interatrial Prolaps Cup Parasternal Paradoxical Lipomatous Coronary Sinus Malignant Pleural Pericardial McConnel Pulmonary Embolism Ebstein Anomaly Tricuspide Severe P2 Segment Posterior Transesophageal Dilatation Artificial Cavitation Annular Unknown Density Myocardial Ischemia VSD Pericarditis Fibrinous Strands Tuberculosis Hypertension Cardiology Board Review Paravalvular Abscess Myxoma Cardioembolic Arterial Occlusion Artifact Mediastinal False Dehiscence Early Closure LA Dilation Myxomatous